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Application development
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Use artificial intelligence and soft controls through computers and computer networks to address issues related to human life, such as economics, banking, construction, agriculture, transportation, education, entertainment, home appliances, ICT, etc. Breakthrough applications such as artificial intelligence, robots, Internet, auto-driving, 3D printing, and Nanotechnology.

  • Control system
  • Sensor
  • Surveillance equipment
Marketing Online
Online Sales Effectiveness

Innovative ideas and modern solutions Marketing 4.0 will definitely bring you unique experiences when selling Online.

  • Markting Online Sale 4.0
  • Automation Marketing
  • AI on Marketing 4.0
Standard Website Trends for Applications in Industries 4.0

1. Vue JS is becoming the hottest technology in Web Design and Application. Vue was created in 2014 and is becoming popular early in 2018. It is one of the lightest and fastest frameworks. VueJS is taking the No. 1 position as it is not supported by any big company.

  • Lợi ích từ việc lập trình chức năng từ các cải tiến của Javascript
  • Các tiện ích mở rộng tương thích hơn
  • Ứng dụng web trong thời gian thực
  • Ứng dụng web nâng cao
  • Chuyên sâu về phát triển web trên Mobile và thiết kế CSS hiện đại
Creative design
Unique idea

From the banner, winch, folding sheet ... there are billions of samples you just need to give photos and content will have the product. You can see a lot on facebook, with the application create banners in the holidays. Use your smartphone to create a cute video thanks to the video apps on the Apple Store or Google Play. Graphic design time 4.0 depends entirely on the way you look, the learning method of design. We offer intensive courses in graphics. (PS, AI, After Effect ...)

  • Brand identity design
  • Design products
  • Design logo, billboard
Business Consulting - effective online marketing campaign 4.0

Online Marketing 4.0 is the application of computer network technology, electronic means into the market research application of Machine Learning algorithms to support product development, the development of strategies and marketing tactics, ... the ultimate goal is to bring products and services to consumers quickly and efficiently.

  • Website Marketing Online 4.0
  • Social Networking Thời 4.0
  • Search engine Marketing (SEM) bao gồm 2 cách là Adwords và SEO 4.0
  • Email Marketing 4.0
  • Mobile Marketing 4.0
  • Viral Marketing 4.0
Product 4.0
Quality - efficiency - reasonable price

Focus on the products in the 4.0 revolution, especially in technology, services, business models, production research, focusing on many 4.0 projects. It focuses on 4.0 projects on e-government, education, agriculture, smart cities ... from the central to the local level, to every field of life.

  • Provide products and services No. 4.0
  • Provides solution 4.0
  • Dealer for the unit as product number 4.0
Make your business standout
Why choose us.

“Choose us!” so many companies tell us, and there’s usually a reason why we listen; or why we don’t. Last week I was hunting for stationery. This isn’t far out of my normal routine: I like stationery, but I needed something specific.

In Kuala Lumpur, there are plenty of places to look, but I had limited time and did’t want to get stuck in traffic for the rest of the afternoon. When we’re looking for a service or a product we inevitably draw conclusions from things we hear from others, read on the Internet, and experience. We end up asking the question:

  • Why this brand?
  • Why this company?
  • Attach large file easily
  • Why this product?
  • Why this service?
A modern and unique style
Our team.
A modern and unique style in Business 4.0
Affordable Packages.
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High Business
  • Logo adn Branding design
  • Website design
  • Billboards Design
  • SEO and Marketing Online
  • Business Analyse Tools
  • Unlimited for User
  • Hoting and Domain name free
  • Standard Tutorials
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Any Business
  • Logo adn Branding design
  • Website design
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  • SEO and Marketing Online
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Where does Content SEO appear?
Most popular content:

"Posts on the website
Content on satellite web
Posts on Fanpage and Information on forums"
Thus, all content aimed at improving the ranking of the website, fanpage or some other objects such as videos, personal pages can be called Content SEO. And one thing is for sure, your website and fanpage cannot go to the front page without these content. The role of Content SEO becomes special because not many people can create it in the best way. It is not easy to just make the reader happy and make Google feel friendly. However, ADVMEDIA has been doing this well. So if you're down for SEO content, why not come together?"

Marketing trend 4.0 in the digital age

«Many e-commerce enterprises have not been aware of or have paid due attention to the rapid change of modern technology.
Therefore, to reach the rapid development of digital economy during the CMCN 4.0,
cNeed a large investment in capital, technology and human resources.»

Transcendent Trade 4.0
SEO in the digital age 4.0 today
The purpose of SEO in enterprises during marketing age 4.0.

«SEO benefits are really huge, so businesses obviously don't ignore such an attractive marketing channel
However, the more people doing SEO, the higher the competitiveness. .
Without SEO strategy and the right way, you can get bitter fruit. But the most important thing is still the product that your business can bring to consumers who meet their needs and make them happy or not.»

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